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2019 Real Estate Forecast

As we look back over the past 10 years, the Fresno County Economic Development Corporation has experienced exceptional growth. That growth mirrors what has happened in our region during that same time. Looking forward we expect the positive trends to continue. The Fresno County EDC is geared up and ready to help grow the California dream right here in Fresno County... The Future is Now!



2018 Annual Event

The EDC team has accomplished amazing things this year. They have assisted more businesses than ever before and have achieved unparalleled success – but this is just the beginning. We have an extraordinary year ahead of us – YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET!
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2018 Real Estate Forecast

The EDC's 15th Annual Real Estate Forecast "Spotlight on Fresno County". Confidence has undoubtedly returned to the real estate market. What do our experts believe the future holds for the various real estate segments in Fresno? Click on our publication to find out.
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Descriptive Analysis on the Structure of the Fresno-Madera Economy: How the Regional Economy Impacts Air-Traffic Demand

The Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FYI) is an invaluable resource to the San Joaquin Valley and its economic development. Air connectivity has been shown to increase an economy's productivity and specialization partly through the increased business activity that airports drive. Thus, it is important regionally to understand the structure of the Fresno-Madera Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) economy, FYI's primary market, and how its evolution over time impacts air traffic demand.
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California Central Valley Global Trade and Investment Plan

This is the first iteration of The California Central Valley Global Trade and Investment Plan which represents a coordinated regional effort spanning 10 months to look at ways to increase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). This FDI Plan is the second portion of the Global Cities Initiative project.
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2017 Annual Event

The EDC’s participation in the Global Cities Initiative has elevated Fresno County’s presences and marketability around the world. We have had the opportunity to interact with businesses, government entities, and people from around the globe in higher numbers than ever before. “Here, There, and Everywhere” certainly sums up the activity for the past year at the EDC.
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2017 Real Estate Forecast

The Fresno County EDC is helping grow the California Dream in ways that no one ever expected. Our team has been steadfast in its belief that Fresno County is the best place to live and work, not just in California, but the best place in the country. When we look at all the new and innovative things happening in Fresno County, we can’t help but be optimistic.
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Fresno County 2016 Cemprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The 2016 Fresno County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) documents the economic and political landscape that shapes local economic development efforts in unincorporated Fresno County plus 14 medium and small size cities.
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Central Valley Export Plan

Cities that have been linked with economic hardship, loss of jobs, and home foreclosures in the wake of the '08 Recession—i.e Detroit, Las Vegas—have seen years of economic growth attributable solely to export expansion. 30% of the export activity driving U.S. economic growth is coming from the top 100 metros –with many utilizing export plans like this one.
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2016 Annual Report

50 years from now people will look back and ask themselves, “when did it all change for Fresno County?” Well – that moment is now. Along with our private and public partners, when things need to get done in Fresno County, the EDC proves day in, day out, to be the place to go.
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2016 Real Estate Forecast

BE BOLD - believe in your community, your company, and your future! There are times in life to exercise greater caution, to let someone else take the risks, to let someone else blaze the trail, when the odds are not in your favor. This is not one of those times.
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2015 Annual Report

Everything is coming together for Fresno County. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW…When we look back on the moment, our region, our businesses, our communities really started to come into their own, we will remember 2015.
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2015 Real Estate Forecast

The Real Estate Forecast Publication highlights & forecasts the real estate market including statistical data, market comparisons, and future projects within Fresno County.
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