Fresno County EDC Staff

Executive, Administration, Business Expansion and Retention, Business Attraction and, High-Speed Rail Business Support


Lee Ann Eager


(559) 476-2513

Paul Thorn

Controller, Business and Finance

(559) 476-2512


Merritt Pacini

Executive Assistant to the CEO

(559) 476-2501

Marcella Lara

Office Manager

(559) 476-2500

Business Expansion and Retention

Will Oliver

Director of Business Services

(559) 476-2518

Andrea Reyes

VP of Business Development

(559) 476-2506

Tracy Tosta

Business Expansion and Retention Coordinator

(559) 724-9361

Lavell Tyler

Economic Development Specialist

(559) 476-2508

Juan Carranza

Economic Development Analyst

(559) 476-2503

Curtis Williamson

Economic Development Specialist

(559) 476-2502

Jenna Lukens

Contract Manager

(559) 724-9362

Mandi Johal

Workforce Coordinator

(559) 476-2510

Miguel Herrera

Business Retention Specialist

(559) 476-2514

Business Attraction

Jose N. Mora

Client Services Manager

Amanda Bosland

Retail Business Development Specialist

(559) 233-2564

Nicholas Vincent

Research Analyst

(559) 476-2505

Courtney Ramirez

Business Attraction Specialist

(559) 476-2509

Joshua Howell

Data Administrator

(559) 476-2520

High-Speed Rail Business Support

Clay Gilpin

HSR Business Support Coordinator

(559) 476-2517

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