We let the value of our work speak for us. The following paragraphs are testimonials from our clients.

Earth Renew (Alberta, Canada)

"As a newcomer to the Fresno area, EarthRenew has found the Economic Development Corporation and its personnel, particularly Steve Geil and Esther Cuevas, to be extremely helpful. Providing references, arranging meetings with appropriate contacts, advising on programs available to us with regard to employee and other business incentives have all been part of the package that EDC has supplied to us. We have found EDC to be very helpful on a continuing basis, not just a one time support group, always enjoyable, friendly and helpful and we look forward to working with EDC on a continuing basis as we continue to grow and expand in the Valley."
--- Al Fedkenheuer, President of EarthRenew

Aquasan (Denver, Colorado)

"Fresno County Economic Development was instrumental in drawing our project to Fresno County. When I came to California looking for energy center sites, I was looking for a community that had an organization that could significantly reduce my prospecting time by assisting me with understanding the community, its needs and infrastructure. FCEDC introduced me to the persons I needed to meet to obtain the necessary information to determine that Fresno was the type of community I wanted to invest our money and efforts."
--- Carmine Iadarola, Aquasan

Baker Manock and Jensen (Singapore)

"It was a pleasure working with the Fresno County EDC as part of Olam’s planning for the acquisition and operation of the Firebaugh vegetable dehydration facility. EDC’s personnel were extremely responsive in answering the client’s questions concerning the availability of economic incentives. To make matters easier, they came to our office to meet with the client to discuss economic incentives and to explain the BEAR Action Network and the additional resources and referrals available to help Olam hire qualified employees. EDC was also very helpful in supporting Olam’s application for California industrial development bond financing. In short, Fresno EDC was a great help to Olam and I would recommend their services and expertise to other businesses relocating or expanding in Fresno County."
--- Carl Refuerzo, Baker Manock and Jensen, PC

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